Contract AutoCAD Drafting Service


Leveraging TechnologyTechnology & Systems that Change Everything:

With over 20 years experience, we’ve been able to optimize the design process through the leveraging the latest technology, systems, hardware and software.   All of this guarantees our office down the street or across the country operates just as efficiently as an office down the hall from yours.  Our expertise in today’s technology is at your disposal to maintain the highest levels of communication and collaboration with you and your design team.  This can save countless hours of lost production, unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes throughout the entire design process.  A brief description of some of the tools we use are outlined below:

File Transfer and Document Control:

We setup a project specific FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site and manage access to all drawing and job files across your entire team.  This will ensure that everyone is working from the most current data.  This is a much better system than email since CAD and Presentation files tent to be very large and many people are unable to send and receive them reliably.  We can upload the entire project at any time your desire and notify all necessary parties to download the most current project files.  You no longer have to worry about your consultants working from an outdated file.

Project Management:

You and your entire team will have unlimited access to our advanced project management system.  This system allows  you to keep all your projects on track and to communicate and collaborate with your design team throughout the entire life of the project.  A few of the benefits are as follows:
  • Milestones can be created and monitored to make sure the project stays on track
  • Checklist allow you to assign task, set priorities and monitor their progress and completion
  • Discussions can be shared across the entire team
  • Shared Pages allow people on a project to write articles, track and compare changes, revert to any past version and more
  • Email Notification allows team members to automatically be contacted when any of the above items related to them changes


Skype is the best program we’ve found for instant messaging, multi-user conference calling and most importantly, screen sharing.  With Skype, we can have an interactive conversation on a design.  Design revisions can be discussed and made right before your eyes.  Complex issues or questions and be shown and resolved in a instant, eliminating the need for an in-person meeting.  With Skype, you can have project meetings with your entire design team from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Location Independence for your entire team (and client base):

We will train your team on all of the tools we use so that you can communicate with them faster and more efficiently than ever possible.  You will also be able to use these tools in every aspect of your business, allowing you to remove geographical barriers when acquiring and managing projects in (or from) remote locations. Imagine the ability to work on projects hundreds or even thousands of miles from your office, just as efficiently as in your home town. These tools will also help you manage your projects while traveling, so you will never have to cut a trip short in order to make a project meeting.