Contract AutoCAD Drafting Service

Increase Profits

We can save you money on drafting servicesControl Your Overhead:

We can reduce your cost significantly in several ways.  The most obvious is that you only have to pay us when you have work in your office.  This is not only a tremendous cost advantage, it also reduces one of the biggest causes of stress: having to constantly worry about overhead.  In these uncertain times, it’s very difficult to maintain the proper staff levels.  When times are good, you have to hire new staff to keep up and when times are bad, overhead can kill your business.

Reduce the constant overhead of upgrading and learning new CAD Software:

This is a cost many people overlook, but AutoCAD software is upgraded so often that most draftsmen simply get lost.  If you decide not to upgrade, then you miss out on the productivity benefits found in the newer versions of the software. And with BIM (Building Information Modeling) starting to gain traction, this is going to be magnified in ways most firms have never experienced.  Over the next few years, design firms are going to be faced with the need to re-train their entire production staff on a completely new software platform.  These are additional costs that you can eliminate through partnering with us, while you concentrate on growing your business.

No longer “starting over” when  you are forced to hire new drafting employees:

The time it takes for “new-hires” to become efficient is significant.  It takes away from the productivity of everyone in the office as “they” learn  your system for doing things.  As a result, many firms postpone hiring new employees until they finally have no choice.  In addition, many firms have the same stories of pouring time and money into training a new employee only to loose them to the competition for a higher salary before you can recoup your investment.

Efficiency through Specialization:

We specialize in providing drafting services.  Our ability to finish projects faster and less expensive than any other option has been the secret to our success for the past 20  years.  Our expertise in AutoCAD and Architectural drafting allows us to be very cost-effective and productive.

Increase  your production capacity:

Our staff is large enough to handle all the work your office can generate.  You no longer have to turn jobs away because you are too busy, or, even worse, take on jobs you don’t have time to do and end up disappointing your clients.  This is a huge benefit that is hard to even calculate a value, since one customer that is turned away or upset will find someone else to do all their future work as well.