Contract AutoCAD Drafting Service

Field Services

As-Built Drawings and Existing Conditions

An accurate Building measurement and As-Built drawings of a building is one of the most important items necessary to get your project off the a good start.  If you have an existing building that you need in AutoCAD, but do not have a set of drawings, we can solve your problem.  We will go on site, measure, photograph and document the existing conditions then create AutoCAD drawings to your specifications.  This can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort.  Even if you already have existing AutoCAD drawings on a project, it’s rare for them to match the existing conditions 100%.  Don’t take a chance that your working for incorrect information.

We’ve field measured and drawn everything from entire 10 story buildings all the way down to a single bathroom.  We created drawings for architects, engineers, interior designers, Real estate companies, developers, construction consultants and property and facility management companies.