Contract AutoCAD Drafting Service


Here are some of the resources we use along with links to their websites (click on the name below for the link):



– We use Skype for all our internet communication. It allows us to instant message, share our screen for meetings and presentations, transfer files and have online conference calls with team members from different locations. It cuts down on meeting time, travel and scheduling conflicts. The hardware we recommend for voice calls are listed below in the hardware section.


– We use Filezilla for all FTP access. It’s a free download and allows you to access our FTP site.


– Mindmister is on online Mindmapping program that is the best brainstorming and meeting collaboration program we’ve found. It allows us to map out our thoughts and ideas in our online Skype meetings. Maps can be modified in real-time from meeting participants allowing for non-linear, visual note taking.


I’ve been using HostGator for years. They are the best hosting company I’ve found. The best thing about them is their customer support. I’ve had to call them several times (usually due to me messing something up on one of my websites) and they’ve always been extremely helpful and friendly. Besides that, they make it super simple to install WordPress and get a site up fast.


This inexpensive speakerphone device allows you to have conference calls over Skype that are clear and echo free. Simply plug into your USB port and it works as the speaker and microphone for Skype. I’ve used it with up to 4 people. If you have a large conference space, you may need to look to some of the other options that cost significantly more.

This wireless headset works great with Skype. I like the behind the neck design and the sound quality is very good. The range is very good also. I have a set at home and at work so I don’t have to remember to bring them back and forth.

This is a great printer for work from home (or in a small office). It allows you to not only print 11×17 drawings, but to scan them as well. It has 2 paper trays so you can load up 11×17 and 8 1/2×11. If find 11×17 the perfect size for checking drawings. With this unit, you can print your drawing, check and mark them up, then scan and send back to the office for updating.

This is the same printer as above, but you can save a little money if you don’t need duplex (double-sided) scanning.

This is the ink for the Brother 11×17 printer. I highly recommend ordering extra ink when you purchase the unit. The starter cartridges that comes with the printer don’t last very long, so you want to have replacements on hand.

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