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It’s not as if there’s not enough headaches in running a successful Architectural firm before the Recession came along; construction budgets, scheduling, team communication, client relations, code compliance, change orders… the list goes on and on. But in these tough economic times, everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve could be in jeopardy. Design firms have been forced to become very lean and efficient. Competition for each project is at an all time high. Yet, with interest rates and construction prices so low, clients want their projects finished in record times.
If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve got some good news for you. Our team at Mike Williams Computer Graphics, Inc. (MWCGI) can help you to not only survive during these difficult times, but to thrive.
Before I tell you how we can increase your profits while reducing your hours worked and curing your headaches and stress, let me ask you a question…

Why Did You Become an Architect in the First Place?

If you are like most Architects I know, you probably became an Architect because of your love and passion for design. Going through the process of dreaming something in your mind, conveying to your clients, transferring it to paper and watching it become reality is extremely exciting and fulfilling. Leaving your mark on your community and creating structures that will be around for generations to come is something be proud of.

They Don’t Teach This in School

If you’re like most Architects I know, it probably didn’t take long before you realized there’s so much more you have to do on a day in and day out basis that is anything but gratifying.
Across the board, the biggest bottleneck in every design firm is the production of construction documents and 3D models. It’s also the most costly area of the firm. Computer hardware and software are a constant drain on the budget. Every time a new version of your CAD software is released, there’s a whole new learning curve and lost time and production. With each new release of Microsoft Windows, you have can lose entire days getting systems and drivers back working again. Computer crashes, viruses, network problems… the list just keeps growing.
On top of all that, you have the biggest challenge of them all; your drafting personnel. It’s always been difficult to maintain the perfect staff size. This business seems to go in cycle of feast of famine. If you staff up during the busy times, the cycle may turn before you have a chance to recover the time and cost of training the new hires. If you don’t, you risk falling behind, upsetting clients and losing work now and in the future. If you turn work away when you are busy, or if a client’s perception is that you are “too busy” to give them the attention they want, you lose them to your competition. I suspect there’s a project you’ve turned down in the past that you would love to have in the office right now.
And finally, there’s the allocation of resources. Too many firms have highly paid and valuable design associates who are spending day in and day out sitting at a drafting table doing work they are for which they are over-qualified. Their time could be much better used doing what they do best… designing, meeting with clients and generating new business. When’s the last time you had to work nights or weekends to “catch up” or make sure the production drafting is staying on track.
This is where we come in…


Mike Williams Computer Graphics, Inc. has been serving design professionals for more than 20 years. We specialize in AutoCAD Drafting Services, 3D Rendering, Presentation Graphics, Project Administration, Document Scanning and Website Development and Design. Our experience and expertise will help take your firm to the next level. We are a firm of drafting professionals that take pride in our work. Through specialization and decades of experience, we are able to expand your production capacity, reduce your cost and increase your profits.

Leveraging Technology

By leveraging the latest technology and systems, we’ve been able to optimize the design process. From the first seed of a design concept, all the way through final construction documents, we can help make every stage more efficient and effective for you. Not only do we use the latest in cad software and hardware, we utilize advanced project management systems that are at your disposal, 24/7. The use of technology has removed all barriers, allowing us to work remotely from your office, yet maintain the highest levels of communication and collaboration with you and your design team.

Reducing Labor Cost

We can reduce your cost significantly in several ways. The most obvious is that you only have to pay us when you have work in your office. This is not only a tremendous cost advantage; it also reduces one of the biggest causes of stress: having to constantly worry about overhead. In these uncertain times, it’s very difficult to maintain the proper staff levels. When times are good, you have to hire new staff to keep up and when times are bad, overhead can kill your business.

Efficiency through Specialization

We specialize in providing drafting services. Our ability to finish projects faster and less expensive than any other option has been the secret to our success for the past 20 years. Our expertise in AutoCAD and Architectural drafting allows us to be very cost-effective and productive.

Scalable production capacity

Our staff is large enough to handle all the work your office can generate. You no longer have to turn jobs away because you are too busy, or, even worse, take on jobs you don’t have time to do and end up disappointing your clients. This is a huge benefit that is hard to even calculate a value, since one customer that is turned away or upset will find someone else to do all their future work as well.

Gain Your Freedom while Increasing your Production

We are here to give you a life of freedom. Don’t be a slave to your firm. With our drafting team, you will always have the resources at your disposal to complete any project. This frees your time to concentrate on the things that only you can do. This is probably the biggest benefit that allows our clients to exponentially grow their business. You do what you want to do, when you want to do it, with full assurance that your projects are constantly progressing towards completion. This allows you to take more time off, have fewer worries and enjoy the benefits of having a successful firm.
Don’t let the production of construction documents stress you’re out, slow you down or alter your focus. Your job is to design, meet with clients and oversee the project. Let us take care of all your computer drafting and 3D rendering needs and you can get back to doing what you do best. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to take some time off and enjoy yourself instead of being chained to the office.
Give me a call at 800-880-0360 and let’s partner together and let’s get rid of your Headaches… Today!!

Mike Williams

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